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Where to Find Affordable Jewelry Stores: Tips for Finding a Quality Piece?

There’s no denying that jewelry is inherently expensive. What seems like a small price tag up-front for many pieces can quickly add up when we take into account the time, materials, labor, and certification costs associated with creating such pieces. Whether you’re looking to expand your personal collection or trying to complete an outfit with the perfect accessory, quality affordable jewelry stores are worth your time. Check out this article for tips on where to find affordable jewelry shops so you can save money without sacrificing style.

What to Look for in an Affordable Jewelry Store
Before you start scouring the city for affordable jewelry shops in your area, it’s important to understand what makes “affordable” in this case. Remember that quality materials and labor put a premium on the price tag of each piece, so you should be aware of what to look for in an affordable jewelry store. – Materials: Know which materials are important to you in regards to jewelry. Some people prefer gold or silver jewelry as it ages better than other metals. Others may not be able to wear certain materials due to allergies. – Labels: Are the materials used in the creation of the jewelry you’re interested in ethically sourced? Does the jeweler use conflict-free diamonds? You don’t want to accidentally buy blood diamonds from an affordable jewelry store. – Certifications: Does the jeweler have the proper certifications for the type of jewelry you’re interested in? The GIA certifies diamonds, for example, and is a good sign of quality control. The MET also certifies diamonds.

Committing to Memory: A Few Tips for Finding Affordable Jewelry Stores
Before you hit the streets, put yourself in the right frame of mind with a few tips. – Take note of your current jewelry: If you’re interested in buying new jewelry, you may want to start with the pieces you already own. This will help you figure out what types of pieces you gravitate towards most. – Ask yourself why you want new jewelry: If you want to add new pieces to your jewelry box, you might want to start with why you want new jewelry in the first place. Do you want to spruce up your next special occasion outfit? Or do you want to build a vintage-inspired collection?

Shopping Online is Always an Option
Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a city with a host of affordable jewelry stores, you may want to shop online. – Online jewelry retailers often offer reduced commission rates for in-store salespeople. This means you can often find cheaper jewelry online than you can find in brick-and-mortar shops. – Ensure that you’re buying from a trusted retailer. You can use the Better Business Bureau to check the rating of a business and see if there have been any complaints against it.

Local Resale Shops are Worth Visiting
If you’re a vintage lover, it’s likely you’ve considered visiting a local resale shop. Resale shops are often filled with vintage and antique jewelry, making them a great place to find inexpensive and unique pieces. – You can also use resale shops as a way to clean up your own jewelry collection. If you have a few pieces that you’re not crazy about anymore, you can take them in to a resale shop and find something new to replace it. – If you’re shopping for vintage jewelry, make sure to thoroughly clean it before wearing it. Some pieces may require a professional cleaning as they may have collected dust and dirt over the years.

Check Out Swap Events and Garage Sales
If you’re looking for something a little more impromptu, consider dropping by local swap events and garage sales. – Swap events are often run by vintage and antique resellers. You’ll often find antique and vintage jewelry on the cheap at these events, so they’re definitely worth visiting. – Garage sales are a great place to find cheap, if not wildly extravagant, jewelry. Collectors often sell off their older pieces as they move on to new collections. You may even find some vintage gems that have collected dust for decades. – You should still thoroughly inspect any jewelry you purchase at a garage sale. While you can often find good deals, you don’t want to buy something that could be potentially harmful to your health.

High-end Jewelry Stores Often Have Discounted Floor Samples
If you’re looking for a specific piece of jewelry, be sure to check the floor samples at your local high-end jewelry store. – You can often find discounted floor samples for a fraction of the regular price. Luxury jewelry stores often offer these pieces at a discounted rate because they’re not planning on putting them in the regular display. – You may not be able to get a specific piece that you’ve seen in the store, but if you’re open to variations of the same design, you can often find beautiful pieces that are well worth the discounted rate.

Affordable jewelry stores are worth your time if you’re looking to buy a new piece without breaking the bank. Start by assessing the jewelry you own now and figuring out what you like and don’t like about it. This will help you figure out what type of jewelry you’re interested in so you can better target your search for affordable jewelry shops. Remember to also consider your price range when searching for jewelry. If a piece is out of your price range, you don’t have to write it off completely. You can often find discounted pieces in different price ranges at second-hand shops and garage sales.